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What to Do When Your Cat is Constipated

Kitty is having trouble in the litter box. What causes it, and what you can you do to help?

Constipation develops as a result of several things, including:

  • He could be overheating due to hot weather. Perhaps he hasn’t been drinking enough water. Maybe he was recently ill and vomited or experienced diarrhea frequently.
  • Not enough fiber. Just like humans, cats can have backed up plumbing if their diet is short on fiber.
  • Painful defecation. Cats are masters at hiding health issues, so chances are you haven’t noticed any problems. However, if he is having trouble defecating in the litter box, it could be because it hurts to do so.
  • Excessive grooming. Too much licking leads to a buildup of fur in your cat’s digestive system.

To eliminate constipation, try these tips:

  • Place water bowls around the house. This ensures your pet will always have access to a fresh supply. Refill them on a regular basis. If your cat likes to drink water from the tap, make sure someone is around to turn the faucet on or purchase a water fountain made especially for cats so he’ll be more likely to drink.
  • Get him up and moving. Play with him. Bring out some of his toys (they don’t have to be fancy or expensive) and encourage him to interact with them. Don’t push him to the point of exhaustion, of course, but don’t let him spend the entire day lounging around and sleeping with little to no exercise. Exercise doesn’t simply help keep your pet fit and alert – it also helps food move through the digestive system.
  • Contact your vet. If he does have an issue, the vet will find it. Your vet can also present you with treatment options.
  • Increase his fiber intake. Even a small amount of extra fiber makes a big difference.

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