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The 10 Most Popular Pet Names

A kitten and a puppy

Got a new puppy or kitten? There’s more to choosing the perfect name than you might think. 

Top 10 Girl Names

  • Bella: Means “beautiful.” The world’s oldest dog (she unofficially lived to be 29) had this name.
  • Lucy: Nickname for Lucia or Lucille. Meanings include “light” and “bringer of light.” She’s not a dog or cat, but everybody knows Lucy van Pelt, Charlie Brown’s friend and tormentor.
  • Daisy: Great for shy or gentle pets that remind you of this lovely flower.
  • Luna: Means “moon.” If your pet is chock full of personality, you can’t go wrong with this one. You might remember Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter series.
  • Lola: Nickname for Dolores. Means “sorrows” or “lady of sorrows.”
  • Sadie: Nickname for Sarah. Means “princess,” perfect for spoiled dogs or catsliving the pampered life.
  • Molly: Good golly, Miss Molly! This name means “wished-for child,” and for any animal lover, this is definitely appropriate.
  • Maggie: Nickname for Margaret, means “pearl.” A dog named Maggie appears in the movie The Wild River.
  • Bailey: Means “public official” or “steward.” Works for pets with a need to be in charge.
  • Sophie: Nickname for Sophia. Means “wisdom.”

Top 10 Boy Names

  • Max: Short for Maximillian or Maxwell. Meanings include “capable,” “great spring,” “dweller by the spring,” and “greatest.” Dogs named Max have appeared in movies such as How the Grinch Stole Christmas and The Little Mermaid.
  • Charlie: Meanings include “man” or “free man” depending on where you look. Dogs named Charlie have appeared in movies such as All Dogs Go to Heaven and The Absent-Minded Professor.
  • Cooper: Means “barrel maker.”
  • Buddy: Means “friend.” President Bill Clinton gave his own dog this name.
  • Jack: Means “god is gracious.”
  • Rocky: Meanings include “rock” and “rest.”
  • Oliver: Meanings include “olive branch,” “elf army” (yes, really), and “olive tree.”
  • Bear: Brings to mind a furry, playful companion with a bit of an attitude.
  • Duke: A word that refers to English nobility. Dogs named Duke have appeared in movies such as The Secret Lives of Pets and
  • Tucker: Means “one who folds cloths.”

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