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Signs Your Cat is Lonely

Is your cat feeling lonely? Do you need to spend more time with him? Is it time to find a cat buddy? Here are signs to look for – but keep in mind that these could also be signs of health problems. Talk to your vet for more information.

  • Poor grooming habits. As any cat lover knows, these furry critters live to groom, frequently licking their fur between play sessions and naps. However, if your cat seems to be grooming himself a little too much (or even pulling out hair clumps), this could be a sign that he’s feeling distressed or lonely.
  • Bad behavior. When a cat has nothing to do and there’s nobody to play with, they may start to do destructive things. A lonely cat could, for example, scratch up your favorite chair, knock things off the kitchen counter, or chew up a roll of toilet paper (leaving one nasty mess for you to clean up when you get home). While a pet sitter can help you keep your cat socialized if you’re running late or need to take a trip, consider looking into additional ways to help curb his loneliness.
  • Talking too much. Does your kitty meow constantly, and at all hours? While it’s normal for a cat to make sounds throughout the day, if your usually quiet pet becomes loud and insistent, this is a sign that something is off.
  • Problems with the litter box. If your pet starts treating your house like his personal litter box, stepping far outside his routine, he’s trying to tell you something.
  • Eating too much (or not enough). Cats with nothing else to do, like humans, might eat to fill time and give themselves something to focus on.


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