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Should I Give Someone a Pet as a Holiday Gift?

A Christmas dog

The holidays are coming up fast, and while some are happy to give the gift of kitchen appliances and clothes, you might want to give someone you know a furry family member. But is this a good idea?

Why should you refrain?

  • You don’t want kids to think of the pet as a toy. Living things can’t (and shouldn’t) be compared to a video game or Barbie doll. They need to be treated with care and respect.
  • Someone in the household might be allergic. It’s not always obvious until that person makes contact with the pet. If they already know they’re allergic, it would be mean making sacrifices.
  • They might not want or have time for a pet. Not everyone has the resources for giving an animal a wonderful home. They could work long hours or have a lot of responsibilities – responsibilities that don’t leave free moments for a game of fetch.

If you truly want to get someone a puppy, kitty, or other cuddly pet for the holidays, you must:

  • Never use a puppy mill or backyard breeder. Not only are you supporting a shady industry, the animal might have serious health issues to boot. Go to your local humane society or breed rescue, instead.
  • Talk to the giftee first. Their surprised reaction might make for a cute YouTube video, but if they don’t have the ability to care for a pet, there could be problems. Talk to your loved one and check to make sure they would be OK with it. It’s less fun, but trust us, you’ll get a better outcome.
  • Consider the potential owner’s age and income. Could your grandmother handle a rambunctious puppy? Do they have the money to pay for vet visits, medication, and food?


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