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Saint Patrick’s Day Safety Tips

How can you keep your pet safe on the greenest holiday of the year?

  • Parties can be scary. Lots of people have parties in their homes on Saint Patrick’s Day. What could be more fun than an evening with friends, right? But parties can be stressful for dogs and cats. They can be loud and chaotic. If you choose to celebrate the holiday, make sure your pets have a quiet, safe place they can go to. Make sure guests know your pet may be nervous and discourage them from trying to force an interaction. That will only make things worse.
  • Be careful with alcohol. What’s Saint Patrick’s Day without a cold beer or glass of wine? Just make sure your best friend doesn’t get any. Alcohol can be dangerous for animals – even small amounts do a lot of damage. If you need to give them something to drink, look for safe alternatives like Bowser Beer and Dawg Grog. Flavored treats that fit the holiday theme are also great alternatives.
  • Never let them chew on decorations. We know it’s tempting to fill your house with shamrocks, green beads, and more. Unfortunately, these shiny and festive decorations can be hazardous to your dog. Should you catch them chewing on something, take these items away right away and keep an eye out for symptoms of poisoning. If something feels “off,” call a pet poison hotline or your vet right away (when it’s late at night, call an emergency vet. Don’t wait until morning). It’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Costumes may not be a good idea. Before you grab that green sweater or bowtie, think about your pet’s comfort. Is the costume too tight? Will they choke or suffer an injury? While your pet is wearing a costume, stay nearby and keep an eye on them. Don’t leave them unsupervised or they could get tangled up in something.

St. Patrick’s Day can be a fun holiday for both you and your pet. Just remember these tips to make sure you both can celebrate safely.


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