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Protecting Your Cat on Halloween

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Halloween is almost here, and you know what that means – costumes and candy! But while the humans in your family will likely have a grand old time, for your cat, it could be an entirely different story. Whether you have one cat or eight, you can get them through the holiday safe and happy with these tips.

  1. If they’re an outdoor cat, transition them to indoor life, at least until the holiday passes. As scary as it is to think about, some people can be downright cruel and nasty to fellow living creatures, especially around Halloween. Do you have a black cat? If they run into somebody who is superstitious, bad things could happen. Your cat likely won’t like being stuck inside, but this is the best way to keep them safe.
  2. Keep an eye on candles and use caution with decorations. If kitty likes to knock things over, a fire could start, or they could burn themselves. Keep decorations out of their reach so they can’t hurt themselves that way, either. Shiny decorations can easily tempt curious cats.
  3. Pay attention to your front door. If you think your cat might try to escape every time you open the door for trick-or-treaters, ask someone to keep you company or put your cat in a room away from the chaos.
  4. Ask guests to respect your cat. Having a party? Make sure your guests know they shouldn’t force your cat to interact with them, especially if your pet is usually afraid of strangers.
  5. Did you put a costume on them? Don’t leave them alone. They could try to get out of the costume and get tangled up in ribbons or strings. They could get stuck in something and suffocate. If you don’t think your cat would tolerate a costume, don’t force them to wear one.

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