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You may be taking a fabulous vacation, traveling for business, or planning a late night out on the town. Perhaps you have a dog (or new puppy!) who needs a mid-day potty break and a little outdoor playtime. Whatever the reason, when you can’t be at home to care for your pets, Squeaky Toy can!

Our specialty is providing "in-your-home" pet care

This allows you to keep your pets in your home where they’re comfortable, safe and content, and we will come visit them.

  • We offer 1, 2, 3 or 4 visits to your home each day – the frequency is based on the type of pet you have and any special needs there might be
  • Each visit is approximately 30 minutes in length however we will stay as long as needed to ensure the comfort and safety of your pet
  • We will feed to your exact specifications, provide fresh water, play with, cuddle, and love your pet just as you would
  • We’ll send you a daily visit update email with a photo and description of all the fun your pet is having while you’re away
  • Complimentary mail retrieval, indoor/outdoor plant watering, turning lights on/off, newspaper pickup, general security walk-around check
  • Visits begin as early as 6:30am and end as late as 9:00pm

Services begin at $18 per visit. As pet care needs vary greatly, please contact us for an exact quote.