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Pet Safety Tips for Fall

A dog enjoying a fall day

Autumn is here! You can find “pumpkin spice” everything, leaves are starting to fall and the weather is getting chillier. Here are a few pet-related tips to keep in mind during this time of year.

  • Be careful with the decorations. Fall means the quick arrival of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and other festive holidays. Shiny objects could look like fun toys. Try to use decorations that don’t have small parts and, above all, keep the decorations out of reach.
  • Keep a close watch on your front door. You’re going to get a lot of visitors and well-wishers, so make sure your pet can’t run outside and disappear.
  • Clear dangerous debris from your yard. Seeds, fruit, berries, and other possibly poisonous hazards can fall to the ground. Do a sweep as often as you can to check for problems.
  • Check up on your pet’s microchip information and collar tags. Did you recently move or change your phone number? Make sure this new contact information is noted. If the collar tags are worn and unreadable, get replacements.
  • Invest in safety equipment. The days get shorter in the fall, making it hard for people to see you while you walk your dog. Buy a reflective collar (a blinking light attachment can also help), wear bright clothing, and avoid walking on the roads. When in doubt, don’t go out.
  • Beware of school supplies. Erasers, glue – these could make your pet sick (or they could choke) if they get their paws on them. Keep school supplies where curious creatures can’t reach them. Ask your kids to be careful and attentive. If something goes missing, look for it right away.
    • Don’t leave your pet outside for too long, even if they’re wearing a coat. When fall comes, so does cold weather. When you let them into the yard, don’t wander too far or you could forget to let them in (a scary situation many owners experience).

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