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How to Throw an Awesome Birthday Party for Your Dog

Here’s what you do:

  • Know your dog first. Would your dog be comfortable in a loud, celebratory setting? Is he nervous around strangers, children, or other dogs? If you answered “yes” to any of these, a quiet, simple party with one or two people might be best. Don’t try to force anything!
  • Pick a theme. If you know your dog can handle a party and you’re ready to move forward, think about something to plan the event around. Pirates? Princesses? Fire hydrants? A tropical beach? Go with something fun and fitting for your dog’s personality, something you know everyone will enjoy. Don’t worry about being cheesy – who cares?
  • Make a guest list. Think about who you would want to invite to your dog’s birthday celebration. If you plan to invite children – particularly very young children – make sure these children would have plenty of adult supervision. Don’t invite anyone who would harass and annoy your dog, especially if you know your dog has anxiety issues. To make things even more fun, invite some of his dog buddies, too. Always keep your budget in mind. How many people (and pups) can you afford to feed?
  • Think “dog-friendly” with the food. Stay away from chocolate, alcohol, and anything else that could poison your dog. Ask a dog bakery to make a cake for your dog to be safe, or buy a special cake mix at the pet store.
  • Pick a good location. During the winter, it’s probably a good idea to have a party indoors. A local park or doggy daycare center might allow you to have a party, but make sure it’s OK to do so before you get too deep into the planning process. Of course, it’s perfectly fine to have the party in your own home so everyone (but especially your dog) will be happy.


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