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How to Help Your Dog Gain Weight (In a Good Way)

Did you recently adopt a dangerously skinny former stray? Did your pet fall ill and lose weight during the recovery process? You already know your pet needs to maintain a healthy weight to live a happy life, but how do you help him get there?

  • Always talk to your vet first. It’s important to use caution when you make changes to your pet’s diet. It’s not a good idea to refill his bowl a dozen times a day or use human fast food to force him to gain weight. Too much food will make him sick and feeding him food that could be toxic to dogs will only make things worse. Your vet can work out a special diet with you and pinpoint his ideal weight.
  • Assess the current food situation. What are you currently feeding him? Does he like eating what you give him, or are meals a constant battle? It’s hard to make a dog gain weight if he won’t eat, so be sure to check the ingredients on the packaging. Look for something on the list that could disagree with your pet’s stomach. You may also want to use water to make dry food more appealing.
  • Keep track of body changes. Make note of how many pounds he is gaining (or losing) on a weekly basis.
  • Get an exercise routine going. Yes, really. Exercise helps create a healthy lifestyle (for you and your pet). Just don’t overdo it or push too hard! Start slow and build up what you do with your pet so they’re less likely to struggle.
  • Don’t give up (even when you want to). You may get frustrated. You may want to stop trying – keep going. With the right mindset and some effort, you can make a real change in your dog’s life.


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