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How Often Should I Walk My Dog?

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Owning a dog is rewarding and wonderful, but it can be confusing, especially if he is your first one. You know he needs to go for walks to stay healthy and maintain a good weight, but when should you take him out? How often should you do it? Does it really matter?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your dog sick? Does he have health issues? If your dog suffers from diarrhea, it’s important to take him out as often as you can to avoid messes in the house. If he has problems with his bladder, this is also a reason to go outside frequently. Many other health issues can cause the constant need to go to the bathroom, including poisoning (he might have eaten plants or drugs that harm animals). Not sure about something? Talk to your vet.
  • What is the breed of your dog? How big is he? For example, small dogs don’t necessarily need to go out as often as larger dogs. For them, as long as they get a little exercise and do their business, they may not need to go on lengthy walks. Certain breeds also have smaller bladders – this is something to keep in mind if you decide to adopt another furry buddy in the future.
  • How old is he? Just like humans, dogs can develop problems as they grow older. If it’s not arthritis or heart disease, it might be bladder issues. Your vet can help you work out treatment options, but you will probably have to continue taking him out more.
  • What is his diet? How often does he drink water? If your pet has a hearty appetite, chances are he will have to go potty several times a day, especially if he likes to drink water.


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