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How Cold is Too Cold for my Outdoor Cat?

You love your outdoor kitty, but as confident as you are in your decision to let him roam around outside, you may also worry when the chilly winter weather sets in. Will he be safe? Will he be OK? How cold is too cold for him?

Sending your cat out into the cold comes with risks. For one thing, he could develop hypothermia, a condition that develops when your cat’s body temperature falls dangerously below what it should be. Frostbite, another problem that shows up during the winter season (or any bout of cold weather), involves the freezing of tissue in the body. Despite what some might think, hypothermia and frostbite aren’t exclusive to humans.

If it’s too cold for the humans in your family, it’s too cold for your cat. When temperatures dip below freezing, that is when things turn dangerous. The best thing you can do for your buddy is keep him inside where it’s comfortable.

However, should you still wish to allow him outside, there are some things you can do to help him stay warm.

  • Build or buy an insulated outdoor shelter. This is not only helpful for your cat, but also any stray cats wandering through the neighborhood (they deserve warmth, too!). The shelter doesn’t have to be fancy or elaborate – it just needs to work. Make sure the shelter has enough room for at least one cat, but don’t make the entrance large enough for raccoons or other pests to get through. There are dozens of tutorials for building outdoor cat shelters on YouTube, or just ask around at your local pet store.
  • Add a cat door. This way, your kitty can come in and out when they’re starting to feel uncomfortable.

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