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Five Things To Do If Your Pet Eats Something Poisonous

It’s a terrifying scenario. You come home from work to find your pet crouched over a chocolate bar, licking their lips in satisfaction. Fear takes over.

No matter how careful we think we are, sometimes we let our guard down, setting the unthinkable into motion.

In 2014, the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center reported receiving roughly 180,000 calls the previous year. According to the report, chocolate ingestion made up 7.7% of calls, with human medications making up 19.8% and insecticides making up 15.7%.

So, what should you do if your pet eats something poisonous?

  1. Don’t try to “fix” the problem. Don’t give them any medication (human or otherwise) or attempt to induce vomiting without speaking to an expert first. You could make things much, much worse if you don’t know what you’re doing.
  2. Call your vet immediately. Don’t delay. If their office is closed, head to the nearest emergency vet. Grab the offending object’s wrapper or box so you can show the list of ingredients to the staff. This will leave no room for confusion.
  3. Get your dog away from the toxic item. Don’t let them finish what they started, even if you think the damage is already done. Should they eat more, there could be dire consequences. A chocolate toxicity calculator, for example, can tell you what your dog’s reaction may be if they get too much.
  4. Try not to panic. We know it’s scary but running around in a frenzy prevents you from thinking clearly. Focus on making sure your dog recovers.
  5. Make sure it never happens again. Keep medication, food, and cleaning products behind locked doors where your dog can’t reach them. Be aware that many plants are poisonous, too (check out this post for more info).


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