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Dog Park Etiquette

What could be better than a dog park? It’s a place to roam freely, to play, to sniff things, to take in some sunshine… a paradise for any adventurous canine.

But while dog parks can be wonderful (especially if you live in an apartment or don’t have a large yard), if you’re not careful or don’t follow basic rules, you could run into problems. Not just for you, but also for your furry best friend.

Pay Attention

There are a lot of cool things on Facebook (funny cat videos, anyone?), but the world won’t end if you miss some of it. Take your eyes away from your phone and focus on your pet. Where are they? What are they doing? Are they trying to jump on somebody? Are they fighting with another dog? Paying attention means avoiding potentially bad situations.

Clean Up Messes

Did your pup pop a squat in the middle of the park? Get out a bag and start picking up that poop. The other owners will be grateful (and so will their shoes).

Don’t Bring a Sick Pup

Is Fido sick with the flu? Does he have fleas or parasites? Keep him at home until you get the OK from your vet. Don’t want to spread anything, right?

Stay in the Right Spot

Many dog parks have separate areas for large dogs and small dogs. Once you’re in your section, don’t move to the other one.

Know Your Pet’s Personality and Body Language

How does your pet look when he’s scared or nervous? Is he ready to attack? Is he feeling ill? When you know how he acts under certain circumstances, you can make quicker decisions.

Avoid Bringing Food or Toys

You never really know how other dogs will react when they see your pet with either of these. Don’t risk causing a frenzy.

Looking for a local dog park? Try the Blue Springs dog park located at 1049 NE 20th Street, or the Happy Tails Dog Park in Lee’s Summit, located at 1251 SE Ranson Road.


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