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5 Essential Valentine’s Day Safety Tips

Keep every member of your family safe on the most romantic day of the year.

  • Keep flowers away from curious paws. If your special someone surprises you with flowers, keep them on a table or up high where your pet can’t reach them. Flowers with thorns could easily hurt your pet. Many flowers can also prove poisonous should Fido or Fluffy eat a petal or two.
  • Don’t give chocolate (or any sweets, for that matter) to your pet. We know it’s tempting to reach for those chocolate treats in the pantry (or even buy them something at the store) but know this – chocolate is toxic to animals. It’s very dangerous. One piece could do a lot of damage, so make sure your dog, cat, or other furry friend can’t reach sweets of any kind. If you must give them something, look for a safe, appropriate alternative. Want to get fancy? Chances are, there are plenty of decorated cookies and cakes available at your local pet store.
  • Know when your pet has been poisoned. Common signs of poisoning include confusion, shaking, difficulty standing or walking, diarrhea, vomiting, excessive drooling, and breathing difficulty. If you believe your pet is unwell, don’t wait for things to take a turn for the worse – contact your vet or local emergency clinic immediately!
  • Store jewelry and other shiny items in enclosed or high places. Necklaces and rings are lovely, but don’t leave them out where a curious pet can snatch them up. Jewelry could end up choking your pet. Be careful – even if your pet has never shown any interest in jewelry before, you never really know what could happen.
  • Avoid candles. Candles make any Valentine’s Day dinner intimate and romantic, but if a tail brushes up against a lit candle, trouble will surely follow.

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