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4 Great Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day with Your Pet

Sure, Valentine’s Day celebrates the love shared between people (be they significant others, relatives, or friends), but what about the love shared between you and your pet? If you want to show your pet just how much they mean to you, here are four ways you can do it.

  • Spend time together. You don’t have to set up anything elaborate – your pet doesn’t care what happens, as long as you’re with them. Sit on the couch and watch a movie. Make a special dinner for them. Snuggle under a cozy blanket. Don’t want to stay home? Head over to the pet store and let them pick out a toy. Have a picnic. Play fetch at the park. It’s completely up to you. Feel free to spoil your friend – at the same time, keep your financial situation in check. Don’t feel you have to spend more than what you can afford.
  • Have professional photos taken. Photos are a great way to make memories and give you something to cherish when times are hard. Plenty of photographers offer pet portrait packages, so booking an appointment is easy and painless. Make sure your pet is groomed beforehand so everyone will look their best.
  • Have a party. Invite friends with dogs to a Valentine’s Day event at your house, complete with games and delicious treats. Just don’t serve anything with chocolate in it! Remember: just because humans enjoy Valentine’s Day sweets, that doesn’t mean these sweets are safe for animals.
  • Make something together. Go to a craft store and purchase a handprint kit. Preserve your pet’s paw print and turn it into a beloved keepsake. It doesn’t take too long, and you can display it anywhere you like.


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