The Many Faces of Bella


As pet sitters who regularly sit for pets whose human parents are on vacation for a period of time, we get to spend a lot of quality time with our furry charges. A fun way to interact with our clients is to do “photo shoots”. Trying to get a good photo is sometimes a challenge, but as long as the pet is enjoying it, it’s OK if we don’t get that perfect photo!

We recently had the privilege of pet sitting for Jayden and Bella, two terrific pups in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. Bella is a beautiful girl and my photographic attempts surely don’t do justice to her good looks!

This one isn’t too bad, but kind of blurry…




Another attempt, but Bella, you closed your eyes!


Uh, oh, someone’s getting tired!


And now it’s a full-blown yawn…


Yay, a little smile for our last photo! Thanks Bella!!


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Hi Maggie and Bailey


Maggie and Bailey

We had a great time caring for Maggie and Bailey a few weeks ago while their humans were out of town. Maggie is an Irish Setter, loves to run, and she has one speed – FAST! Bailey, a chocolate Labrador Retriever, loves his stuffed toys and will bring them to you, but isn’t always ready to let go of them. 🙂

They were SUCH good doggies while their parents were gone, and they enjoyed staying home and sleeping in their own beds and playing with their toys.

See you next time, Maggie and Bailey!

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