The Many Faces of Bella


As pet sitters who regularly sit for pets whose human parents are on vacation for a period of time, we get to spend a lot of quality time with our furry charges. A fun way to interact with our clients is to do “photo shoots”. Trying to get a good photo is sometimes a challenge, but as long as the pet is enjoying it, it’s OK if we don’t get that perfect photo!

We recently had the privilege of pet sitting for Jayden and Bella, two terrific pups in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. Bella is a beautiful girl and my photographic attempts surely don’t do justice to her good looks!

This one isn’t too bad, but kind of blurry…




Another attempt, but Bella, you closed your eyes!


Uh, oh, someone’s getting tired!


And now it’s a full-blown yawn…


Yay, a little smile for our last photo! Thanks Bella!!


If you’re planning a vacation this summer and need pet sitting services, give Squeaky Toy Pet Services a call. We offer multiple visits to your home so your pet can stay in their own comfortable and familiar environment. Squeaky Toy Pet Services provides service to Blue Springs, Lee’s Summit, Lone Jack, Grain Valley and Oak Grove, Missouri.

Hi Maggie and Bailey


Maggie and Bailey

We had a great time caring for Maggie and Bailey a few weeks ago while their humans were out of town. Maggie is an Irish Setter, loves to run, and she has one speed – FAST! Bailey, a chocolate Labrador Retriever, loves his stuffed toys and will bring them to you, but isn’t always ready to let go of them. 🙂

They were SUCH good doggies while their parents were gone, and they enjoyed staying home and sleeping in their own beds and playing with their toys.

See you next time, Maggie and Bailey!

If you’re planning to be away, call Squeaky Toy Pet Services to schedule pet sitting visits at your home. Call us at 816-846-0611!


First Time Pet Sitting Client? Here’s a Handy Checklist for You

vacation checklist

Fido ready to go on vacation with you!

Yay, you’re going on vacation! You have the airline tickets and hotel booked, bought a brand new suitcase, purchased your “vacation clothes” and most importantly (in my opinion!), arranged for a pet sitter to care for your pet while you’re gone. You’re almost ready to walk out the door to head to the airport. But wait! If you’re a new pet sitting client, review this checklist to ensure your pet and pet sitter have everything they’ll need while you’re gone so you can enjoy a relaxing and worry-free time away.

Checklist: Top 5 Things for Clients to Remember Before Leaving

  • Pet Food: take note of how much food you have on hand and quickly calculate the amount of food your pet normally consumes in a day and multiply that by the number of days you’ll be gone (plus a little bit more to be safe). Plan for a quick trip to the store to pick up more if needed. However, if you’ve miscalculated, rest assured that Squeaky Toy Pet Services offers an errand service as a customized add-on service for an additional fee. We can pick up extra food as well as any other items that may be needed.
  • Medications: if your pet requires daily medication or even needs their monthly heart worm/flea/tick preventative while you’ll be gone, make sure you have enough on hand. Contact your veterinarian for a refill in advance of your trip.
  • Speaking of your veterinarian, it’s a good idea to contact them to let them know you’ve hired a professional pet sitter to care for your pet while you’re away. Give them your pet sitter’s full contact information including company name, sitter name, telephone number and email address. Ask them to add this information to your pet’s permanent file so they’ll have access to it for any future services.
  • Emergency contact list: Take a moment to ensure that the emergency contact information you’ve given your pet sitter is up-to-date. Double check your contact’s phone number and just as important, make sure they know that you’ve listed them as an emergency contact in case your pet sitter needs to call them. Just as you did for your veterinarian, give them your pet sitter’s name and phone number, or better yet, give them your pet sitter’s business card to keep on file.
  • One often overlooked item to check is your home’s doors, locks and/or security system. Help your pet sitter avoid unnecessary frustration by maintaining your door locks and garage door keypad in top working order. Inspect locks for wear and tear and use a product with graphite powder to help lubricate sticky or stubborn keyholes. Check that your garage door keypad is responsive to touch and that the code you’ve given your pet sitter does indeed open and close the door.

Taking a few minutes to ensure the above has been taken care of before you head out the door can mean the difference between enjoying a wonderful relaxing vacation or suffering through a stress-filled week spent worrying about your home and pet while you’re on the phone with the veterinarian or locksmith. Contact Squeaky Toy Pet Services, LLC to learn more about how we can customize a pet sitting package for you and your pet so you can go have the vacation of a lifetime!